How Painting Can Release Stress and Help You Relax

Many of us are so caught up in the daily stress of our lives that we forget to slow down, relax and take some time out for our mind, body, and soul. There are many ways we can do so and one of them is through painting. Painting is considered to be a proven and effective way to reduce stress, and stress-related problems like anxiety, depression, and peer pressure, etc.

It helps relieve our minds from the grind of the daily mundane when we engage ourselves in artful activities such as painting, sketching, doodling, etc. It also helps to release the negative emotional build up from our minds and allows us to pour our feelings onto the canvas. This can be a great way to let go and purge our old mental emotions from the past experiences. This might also help in dealing with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

Art Therapy Through Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers can be a great way to achieve the therapeutic benefits of art therapy. Coloring and painting have a positive effect on our psyche. It can relieve old stress, process past troubles and throw old problems into a trash can.

Children particularly find it easier to get involved in such activities, unlike most adults. For adults, a great way to get into doing art can be by using Paint by Numbers kits that can jump-start your artistic endeavors, and give you the benefits of art therapy as well. 'I Love Diy Art' amazing Paint by Number that can help you achieve that in no time. 

paint by numbers

If you would like to reap the mind relaxing and stress relieving benefits of art with ease, do try out some of these DIY kits. You would thoroughly enjoy them. It’s also a great activity to do with kids and you can get some good quality, fun time with your family as well. Cheers and enjoy!

Finding PEACE in Chaos

peace in chaos painting

Research shows that when we engage in doing painting, our brains stop thinking about daily problems and negative thoughts. Instead, it focuses on the task at hand and concentrates at the moment. This releases serotonin levels which helps release stress and makes us experience tranquility, leading up to feelings of peace and relaxation.


Painting can make you find the flow that otherwise might be lacking in our day to day activities. The “Flow State” can be described as a state in which one is so deeply engraved in the task at hand that one forgets about the rest of things, and stays focused on that specific task for extended periods of time. One of the most common activities that get the mind in the flow state is art.

Painting a picture or a making a drawing of a simple thing such as a flower can make one appreciate the beauty in nature and things that exist all around us. With each and every brush stroke one can find a new level of appreciation, leaving one untangled from all the mind chatter. This makes it easier to find balance, and ground ourselves in a peaceful state, and allow things to flow in our lives. This has meditative effects on the mind and instills in us the quality of patience, along with the focus on the present moment, with the vision for the future. All these are crucial characteristics to excel in life.


  • I have been the patient of stress and anxiety disorder. This painting By numbers really have helped me to relax myself. Thank you for such a great work.

    Mark Ivey
  • A quite inspirational post. Thanks for sharing.

    Rose Scott
  • A wonderful article to read. I’m feeling so motivated that I’m gonna buy my first paint by numbers kit right now. Thanks for sharing.

    Kelly Foust

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