If you are an art lover and pet a dog then you might want to paint your dog yourself. Here is a link if you want to order a custom paint by numbers now. In this collection we have a lot of paint by numbers dogs kits for you to choose from.

We all know that painting relieves stress and is a great hobby. Paint by numbers enable literally anyone to paint professional paintings and fulfill their dream hobby in style.

Paint by Numbers Dogs Collection is for all:

Whether you wish to get a canvas of your dog made for you or you want to choose from our collection of paint by numbers dogs, I love DIY Art has it all covered, all you have to do is select and order your favorite dog paintings and we will deliver you as soon as possible. Our canvases are of high quality, with Colorful Rottweiler being the favorite among kids. The category is not solely for adults, Dogs Paint by Numbers kit have lots of easy prints too which can be painted by children as well. A couple of the easy ones are colorful dog painting and Cartoon Dog with Cigar.

If you want, you can even let us make you a customized print, for that you will need to send us the photograph that you want to paint. The custom canvas painting kit comes in many sizes. You can choose a large paint by number or a normal size to order. In case you want to make a collage of different animals on your walls, then you can choose few canvases from our animal category as well, it has prints of lions, tigers and deer which will go well with the painted dog canvases.