There is no doubt if I say “painting is fun” but I would like to add that painting gives us focus as well as relief. Paint by number kits allow everyone to explore an artist in themselves. These kits allow you to paint professional paintings, artworks of great artists like Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Picasso yourself. If you wanted to be an artist, believe me it’s never too late, you can start with these DIY painting kits. From the experience aka feedback of thousands of people who have done paint by numbers, you will never regret buying a painting by numbers kit.

“I Love Diy Art” has over 1000 paint by number kits and we have categorized for viewers ease. You can go to homepage and browse paint by numbers for adults. We also have paintings for kids in kids’ collection. If you have done a few PBN’s or cross stitch kits you should also check diamond painting kits we have recently launched.

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Alright, by now you already have a paint by number kit with you or you are waiting for one to arrive soon. Although painting with these kits is easy-peasy but everything has a way to go along right? First timers can still have problems with finishing their kit. We will now move on to part of the post you are here for.

Paint By numbers Tips and Tricks:

In these tips and tricks for paint by numbers, we would try to cover most of it you should know before you start. Which is A. Fulfilling the main purpose of painting B. Finishing the painting in a professional manner. C. Making sure you finish the painting without any disasters. Here are some pro tips you should keep in mind before you start your first paint by number.

Start in Descending Order

The main point, while you are going to start painting, is that start your work in descending order. Descending order means to start work from a larger area and then move towards smaller areas. It will consume less time and it helps to prevent any accidental smudging.

tips and tricks

Darkest First

The second important tip is that first use the darkest color in your canvas and then use lightest color. Mean move from dark to light in a sequence of color’s effect. It will able you to understand the composition of colors in a better way. You can see how the colors affect one another. What is the impact of dark colors on the light one?

Corresponding the Number with Correct Color

It seems like an easy step but is important indeed. While painting, try to paint all areas that point towards the color in your hand. It will lessen your confusion regarding using color and there become a sequence of painting. When you finished all the parts then let it dry. Clean your brushes first then move towards other parts.

Covering the Numbers

To cover the numbers on a painting is important because it gives neatness to your painting. To do so coat the second layer of paint and let it dry. Do not rush your painting, and give plenty of drying time between colors.

paint by number tricks

Avoid Smudges

We often see that during painting suddenly our hand touch the painted area that is still wet, mess start over there. Your effort can be ruin due to small negligence. To avoid it first paint the topmost area of the canvas and then paint the lower area. Due to this precaution, chances of smudges reduce.

Close the Paint Cup

Close the paint cup when not in use to prevent them from drying. Otherwise, with open lid, the paint can be dry and it will be useless for you. While not necessary, you can cover your paint by number with the light coat of clear acrylic sealer.

paint by number paint

Take Care of Brushes

If you have completed one, part and going to paint the other one then please wash the brushes first. After washing brush start a new part. It will help to give your canvas a fresh texture because no color is mixing with it. It is the original one.

caring for paint brushes

Amount of Paint

Use enough paint to cover any area but be precise while painting. Your amount should be enough to cover the area but the color should not enter in the next part connected to your painted area. Do not over-use the paint or you can run out of paint and have to wait for a few days for new paint cups to arrive.

Take Time

If you want a good result of your effort than before applying let the previous one dry. The time taken by an area to dry depends on the thickness of application. So be patient and let the first part dry after it you can paint the other one.

Choice of a Workplace

The peaceful place is the best place to paint. In peace, we can concentrate in a better way and it helps to focus on the theme of the painting. Together with peaceful environment, the place should be bright and you should have the magnifying glass with you with painting so small area cannot neglect.

painting workplace

Have Fun

Follow all rules and tips but do not make it frustrated for you. Take it easy and try to invent new ideas as much as you can. Be creative with your canvas and have faith in yourself. With our paint by number kit you can unwind, fun, learn, and teach.

Continue Your Journey to Painting with Paint by Number Kits

At first we recommend to paint a simple, easier paint by number kits and when you are at ease with these, you can go on to order some more detailed paint by number kits.

Following this set of Paint by Numbers Tips and Tricks you should soon be on your way of creating stunning art pieces. Update your painting skills and discover the ins and outs of what it takes to be a truly great artist. Whether you are a budding artist or new to the world of colors, i am sure you love painting as do we.

Please leave comments if you have more tips for paint by numbers.

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March 13, 2019

Paint by numbers a great stress relieving activity. I have been doing it for 2 years now and my life has literally changed.

George E. Johnson
George E. Johnson

December 01, 2018

In 1991 I was struck by a car. I sustained severe damage to my left hand and wrist, to the point where I could lose my hand. After two years of sergury I was told that constant exercise of my hand was what was needed to get use back.
I am now 72 years old and on number 76 paint by number and still enjoying PBNs wit full use of fingers. Thanx to PBNs

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