5D DIY Diamond Painting kits

A new form of "ART" we named "Diamond Painting" or "Paint with Diamonds" has been the latest love for art lovers. We at 'I Love DIY Art' are pleased to offer 5d diamond-painting kits on our art store. We are offering upto 60% off & free shipping on all orders.

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What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond-painting or Paint with Diamonds is an emerging form of creative art that caters to people of all ages. Based on the same technique as paint by numbers, this practice uses tiny “diamond” like resins for the creation of colorful and attractive images. Because the art pieces are made using diamonds, they tend to have a shine and sparkle.

Confused about the terms used such as 5D Diamond Art, Diamond Embroidery, cross stitch etc? Here are ALL the Answers to your Diamond Painting Questions

Application of the diamonds is also a very simple process that helps in releasing stress. 5D Diamond painting also results in the attainment of relaxation and enjoyment as you create and recreate your masterpieces. Not only DIY painting pertains to be a stress releaser, it helps you connect with your inner self at a deeper level and enables you to utilize your time through the creation of unique art.

Whether you are an expert or a newbie in the field of arts, painting by diamonds will help you create masterpieces with a unique type of art.

How to Paint with Diamonds:

We have come up with some tips and tricks for you before you start painting with diamonds. Please have a look at them before getting started:

  1. The design chart needs to be reviewed with care before you start. Diamonds are labeled according to the color or number, which means you need to identify the correct color as you proceed.
  2. Make sure to cover your fabric design chart with a plastic sheet or film. After the plastic is peeled off, the chart will become sticky. We recommend you to not removing the plastic in a single attempt. Remove the plastic slowly as you progress with the painting. Moreover, if you have removed the plastic from the fabric and decide to take a break, you need to recover it so as to prevent erosion of the stickiness due to dust or drying.
  3. An easy way to start your diamond painting is to work your way up from the bottom and work with a single color at a time.
  4. Our diamond art kits have a try for you to place the diamonds as you create your marvels. The trays are very handy particularly when you are working with a single color. You can also make use of small bowls if you choose to work row by row and you need to switch colors. An easy trick would be to label each bowl/tray with the color.
  5. Having the diamonds positioned with their flat side towards the bottom of the container will allow you to use the applicator tool easily.
  6. You also need to secure your applicator tool and wax tub between uses so that they do not dry out.

Your Finished Art Display

Diamond paintings reflect your aesthetics and happen to be a very creative way of adding buzz to your life. Not only can you come up with ideas of your own, you can also create frames, wall decor, pillows, book covers, journals and much more. Give your home a cozy feel with your diamond paintings. Create new looks on the sofa or make a love pillow, the choice is yours.

What we offer?

We offer DIY 5D diamond painting kits that help you with art therapy. The sizes and varieties painting kits come in cater to different skill levels. Don’t worry if you are just starting out: you have almost found your new favorite hobby that will allow you to discover your inner artist. Our kits are based on the idea that every person knows arts, and with the right tools, they can create magic!

Our paint with diamond kits come with the basic materials that are required to create diamond paintings. These include:

  • Printed fabric
  • A design chart
  • Diamonds of different colors
  • A tool for applying diamonds
  • A wax tub
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Did you know that painting has soothing effects on your brain and you can actually use it as a therapy? Our skillfully crafted DIY paint kits come with 1000+ options for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for paint by number kits for kids or some painting kits for the adults, you are at the right place. You’ll never be happier in your life to have ordered something as cool as these kits.