Custom Diamond Painting Kits

  • With Custom Diamond painting, you can turn your photos into diamond painting kits and paint them yourself. 30-45 different colors can be provided depending upon the photo provided. You can choose any size you want order. Larger size canvases give more detailed finished painting as compared to the smaller sizes. The size of diamond is 2.5x2.5 mm.

    We will include tools required with your 5d custom diamond painting kit and provide 20% extra diamonds.

    Once You have Placed the Order, Please also send your photo to [email protected] - If you have any questions FEEL FREE to mail us :)


    Type: Square Diamonds

        Looking for Inner Peace? Or maybe just another hobby to have fun with? You can do both with these DIY Diamond Painting kits! They will get you in the flow state and melt all your worries away while you lose yourself in this calming activity. You will be sure to have fun too.

        Create DIY shimmering diamond masterpieces. They will be a stunning add-on to your living room as well.

        The bigger the better - Larger the size of the diamond painting is, higher the resolution, sharpness and the shine will be.

        Create Your own Diamond Painting: Custom Diamond Painting

        trust i love diy art

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        **Free Shipping Worldwide** Due to high demand, Order are delivered in 12-30 days all over the globe. USA, UK, CA & AU customers should receive in 13-21 days.
        **20% Extra Diamonds** Just so you won’t run out of them, we add 20% extra diamonds. In case you still do, we’ll ship you some more!! (Read our Insurance-Replacement Policy)

        **100% Satisfaction Guaranteed** (Read our Refund/Returns Policy)

        WHY Diamond Painting?

        1. RELIEVE STRESS – Proven way to reduce stress, and anxiety. 
        2. IMPROVE MENTAL HEALTH – Increase attention, focus, and concentration. 
        3. HOME DECOR – Handcraft this easy home decor, without any crafting experience.
        4. A PERFECT GIFT – Find a great kit for for the occasion. People of all ages will enjoy.
        5. FAMILY TIME FUN – Have a fun filled and bonding family time with this wonderful art project. Your kids will love it too!