Diamond Painting - An Art for All

Have you ever wondered why, as children, we always loved to spend hours rubbing crayons on blank, crisp pages? The fervor of filling our blank canvases with vibrant colors is unexplainable but with age we become too restricted to be bold enough to bring back that same elation in our lives. The result of which is often our blank lives, full of stress and worries. To unwind our minds and bring little joy in our lives, we must seek activities which de-stress us and revive the tidbit of carefree attitude of our childhood. What could be better than bringing colors back in our lives, but this time, instead of crayons, let’s try something more challenging - The paintings done with diamonds.

How was the Diamond Painting originated?

This is not something we are not aware of; making art with beads and pearls had been centuries old craft. People had been making beautiful embroidered patterns via beads and sequins all their lives. But what is different about Diamond Painting is that now you don’t have to stitch each bead or drill, as it is called, instead, you stick these sparkly diamonds on your printed canvases.

Painting with Diamonds

Why should you try Painting with Diamonds?

Apparently very tiring and daunting, but the activity is believed to be fruitful for people who are constantly hyper and have concentration problems. Besides keeping a focus, Diamond Painting has helped people in de-cluttering their minds and relieving them of their minor depressive bouts.

Diamond Painting Helps to Focus

How to do Paint with Diamonds?

To adopt this activity, one does not even have to be an expert artist or even an amateur one. Paint by diamonds just requires a little bit of dedication and tons of enthusiasm to begin with. The hobby itself is so engaging that once you will start it you will be hooked to it. Besides being a stress buster, the end result is so glamorous, you can even decorate your walls with it.

Diamond Painting Canvas

What do you get with the kit?

As said earlier, you don’t need any skills, just the willingness to stay focused. Paint with diamonds kit comes with the basic essentials to start your art instantly. Apart from a neatly printed canvas, you get multiple colored beads or diamonds made of acrylics. The canvas usually has a sticky base so that you can easily stick your drills to the canvas. You also get an applicator with the kit, making it simpler for you to apply the diamonds. A small tray is also provided, it allows you to align multiple diamonds in a row so you can easily stick them on your canvas.

Diamond Painting Kit Tools

What is in it for you?

The fun part is you don’t always have to choose from what prints are available on the website. You can always send your own photograph or a drawing, and get its print made. How brilliant it will be to decorate your walls with your own art work.

Custom Diamond Painting Kit

Things you should keep in mind!

Although Painting with diamonds is a therapeutic activity, it should not be considered as an alternate to the actual psychiatric help. Your mild depression can be cured by diamond art but if you are experiencing severe depression and mental health issues, it is recommended that you seek professional help too.

Some questions that might be bothering you!

Before getting started with paint with diamonds, there are few basics about diamond painting that you have to keep in mind in order to make it easier for you to work with drills. Firstly, there are two kind of drills, round ones and square ones. If you are one of the perfectionists, square drills are the ones for you as they give complete coverage whereas the round ones are for those who want to give an artsy touch to their paintings.

Round Vs Square Diamonds

For all the environmentalists in the house, we care for the environment as much as you do, so believe you me, drills are completely safe to use. Made from resin, they are eco-friendly and have no harmful effects. Just make sure kids under 3 don’t use them as these are too tiny and children can swallow them.


It will be great if you divide your canvas in sections. Instead of doing the whole thing at a time, smaller sections become easier to be filled. Don’t remove the sticky sheet of whole canvas, instead only reveal the part you want to work with. It is not always possible to complete the whole print at a time and removing the sheet again and again will eventually make it difficult for the drills to get stuck.

Working on Diamond Painting Kit


Applicators come in variety of sizes. If you wish to complete your painting quickly you can always buy an applicator which allows you to stick more than one drill at a time. Some applicators allow you to stick 8 to 10 drills at a time.

Multi Diamond Applicator Tool


Once completed you can always get your prints framed and exhibit them in your homes. Nothing is more satiating than a beautifully hand-crafted piece of art ornamenting your home. It should be noted that the kit does not have a frame with it. You will have to get it made or order from us at an additional charge.

Framed Diamond Painting


We believe in customer satisfaction therefore we don’t ever compromise on the quality of our product. Without hesitating you can simply order online and we will make sure that the kit gets delivered to you in minimum time.

All you have to do is place an order by simply choosing your print and stating the size you want and tada! Your work is done.

Lets paint with diamonds with friends and family and spread the joy!