10 Best Paint by Numbers kits for Adults

Looking for DIY paint by numbers? You might like some of my favorite best Paint by Numbers for adults that won’t only be a stress reliever but will also beautify your walls and work tables.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” - Vincent van Gogh

While there is a huge variety to choose from and there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of country side or you love vibrant cities art, in landscape collection you will have a lot to choose from. Below are my 2 picks.

Starry Night Painting

Inspired by the painting of Vincent Van Gogh, Paint by Numbers’ Starry night is the perfect kit for those who want to decorate the walls of their house with Masterpieces of famous painters. Although, the canvas is tricky and have lots of small patches to be painted, but with determination, it yields the best result.

Painting by numbers kit

Beautiful Sunset

If you are planning to freshen up your living room wall, then look no further, because a Beautiful Sunset painting is what you are looking for. How wonderful it will be to brighten up your living room with your own piece of art.

sunset painting kit

Animal Paint by Numbers

If you are as crazy a fan of animals, then this category is for you to browse from. The kits come in all kind of canvases, from real life painting to abstracts, the category covers all. Some people prefer vintage paintings while others have taste in contemporary paintings. Animal category caters to all kind of artists.

Animals painting by numbers kit

Vibrant Peacock

For all those who love everything colorful yet graceful, Vibrant Peacock of Paint by Numbers is for you. The drawing is not only colorful but it has a serene quality to it. Your main bedroom wall will look grand with this painting.

Painting by numbers peacock

Psychedelic Cat

This limited-edition print is the best painting for your child’s play area. Not only it is very colorful and bright, it has a very invigorating feel to it. Who would not want a bright and lively picture in their child’s play area.

Psychedelic Cat paint by number kit

Colorful City Painting

Often, those who live in the cities, do not appreciate their beauty and always crave for the serenity of the villages. For them we have a huge collection of the Paint by Numbers City Life canvases. It is time to see the beauties that lie within your cities. Paint them up and show them off.

city night painting by numbers

Street of Paris

We all wish to visit Paris one day, but for the time being you can’t visit Paris, you can paint it up and give colors to your wishes with this magnificent painting. Its calm, rainy and it let you have experience the Paris with paints.

paris paint by numbers for adults

Busy London

London is always on the go. It pretty much resembles our city lives so why not paint it and celebrate the city with color. It is not an easy one, so take it as a challenge and amaze the world with your talent.

london paint by number adults

Cobblestone Street

Wants to turn back time and experience historical places? Paint by Numbers Cobblestone Street is for those who wish to relive old England. The canvas, when completed properly, is worth to have in your lobby.

city street painting

Roses And Butterflies

Play with colors with your child with this beautiful yet vibrant canvas. As can be seen, the outlines are not very sharp, thus given your child a chance to paint freely without caring for smudging the canvas. Paint it with your child and let these shocking colors make your bond a bit stronger.

Roses and butterflies painting by number

All these Paint by Numbers kits come with 3 brushes, a set of paints required to fill in your canvases with and a pretty neat printed canvas. Care not about the quality, because we believe in providing the best to our customers. These 10 are our favorites, you are free to choose yours. Happy De-stressing Friends:)


  • Thanks for sharing your featured collection. All of these are really wonderful.

    Dorothy Sanders
  • No doubt all paintings are great & you’ve made it easy for me to choose amongst the best. I’m going for the Psychedelic Cat. Thanks for sharing.

    Kathleen Hopes

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