4 seasons diamond painting
Four Seasons Painting
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diamond painting
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Four Seasons Painting
Four Seasons Painting
Four Seasons Painting
Four Seasons Painting

Four Seasons Painting

Type: Diamond Painting
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$22.95 USD
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$19.95 USD

This is one of the best diamond painting kits available on our store. 4 Seasons are painted in 1 painting makes this painting a really unique. The colors used in this paint with diamond kit are refreshing.


Type: Square Diamonds

    • 1x Numbered acrylic paint set (About 24 different colors, depending on the painting)
    • 1x Numbered high-quality linen canvas
    • 1x set of 3 paint brushes (1x small, 1x medium, 1x large)
    • 1x hanging kit, including 2x screws and 2x non-track hooks
    • Wooden Frame (if ordered)

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    Canada 14-20 days
    United Kingdom 14-25 days
    Finland, Sweden, Norway 12-20 days
    France, Netherlands 10-20 days
    Rest of the World

    12-35 days

    Factors such as bottlenecks in shipping and delays at customs may impact delivery time.

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