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If you are on this page then surely you are someone who has high hopes and whose animal personality is a bird because not only you hope high you believe in freedom and flight.

Bird Paintings

While we have all kind of animal paint by numbers but our bird collection is just for bird paintings. For example if you want to give your home a royal touch you can opt for the magnificent peacock painting that can be painted with gold, green and royal blue. For those who love Curious birds like owl and want something funky in their home they can choose the aztec owls canvas. So it will not be wrong to say that Ilovediyartcaters to every taste.

Let the walls be dressed in pictures of the birds in flight and let people see the free spirit that you are.

Birds Paint by Numbers kits come for both, adults and kids. So, if you notice that your child is distracted or worried, instead of taking them to doctors, maybe you can try and buy him this unique gift and see if it helps him in focusing. Besides freeing your spirit and keeping your worries at bay for a time being, painting is an easy exercise to learn how to concentrate. Therefore, apart from kids, even Paint by Numbers for adults do have their benefits too.

If you want, you can even get the canvases resized. Choice is yours, you can either get couple of small ones or a one large one, paint it with your friends and family to enjoy painting as a group activity.

Just in case birds are not your thing but you're here on the page anyway, you can get on the desired page by clicking on the tag you were looking for. We have ample prints of nature, landscape, flowers and animals. Please note that the frames are not included with the kit unless they are ordered.